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Autumn harvest

Roasted fennel, carrots & leeks served with poached apricots, butter couscous & mandarin vinaigrette 



Off-the-streets scallion pancake

Homemade Taiwanese scallion pancake, chicken floss, omelette with Singapore chicken curry  

Sin x deviled eggs

Smashed avocado, cilantro, bacon, and whiskey-pickled relish on top of hard-boiled farm eggs with crispy tempura shavings

Gazpacho shooters

Roasted plum and tomatoes, cayenne pepper, sherry vinegar, seasoned with garlic, shallots in a shot glass 

Vermicelli baby  

Marinated vermicelli, diced poached baby spinach, crystal prawns in a chilli vinegar reduction with sesame

HS charcuterie

Smoked cod, beef salami, goose pâté, duck terrine, prosciutto, aged cheddar, Chèvre, La Tur, dried fruit, nuts, and dip


Homemade grilled fish paste, lemongrass chilli spice, shredded blue ginger, otah paste, rocket, baguette


Pomegranate, crusted water chestnut, zucchini, cucumber, roasted pineapple, radish, salami, walnuts on a bed of local yam & sweet potatoes  

Beetroot hummus with flat bread

Housemade organic pink chickpea hummus with pan-fried flat bread and vegetable sticks

French onion soup

Roasted beef broth, white and red onions, shallots, cheese crusting, served with yorkshire pudding

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