Short for velociraptor; ironically, he is neither sleek, lightweight, nor an effective predator. Three years of age, this boy was a Toa Payoh stray, who won our hearts by learning to lean on stairs like a boss in an aloof manner.

Since then, Velo has become the big brother of a household of three felines, and is easily the most affectionate one. Photogenic and cuddly, though he looks like a moody toddler at times, Velo believes himself to be the alpha, when he really is not.


Cute as a button, Rexie was also a Toa Payoh stray that was likely abandoned. She was actually mistaken for Velo one day, and "rescued" home, only to be confronted by the original. 

Five years old, she is a calm, collected, and sassy little one. She is often so silent we can't even locate her. Not just a mini-me, she has plenty of personality, and a zest for warm blankets and her brother's grooming. The true alpha.


The newest, youngest, and coolest of the lot. Onyx was abandoned at a friend's void deck, crying for days. Fostered, then adopted, he has come quite some way. 

With the most beautiful, dark fur, Onyx is a gem. He loves play time, still does not quite understand that feet are attached to the humans who feed him, and prefers kibble over fresh food. A paradox of a cat. A lovey cat.

More to come.


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