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Har Gow

Traditional basket of Cantonese sea shrimp dumplings, pickled ginger shreds, ma la chilli oil


Siew Mai

Open-faced ground pork and sea shrimp Huhhot dumplings, seared scallops, soya sauce glaze

Spring rolls

Minced chicken, diced carrots, shredded radish, and lettuce, served with a sweet garlic chilli reduction


Made by hand, Cantonese-style, fatty, pork, garlic chives, and chestnuts

Char Siew

Oven-roasted honey pork belly, char sauce, caramel glaze with ginger shreds

Har Cheong Kai

Prawn paste, chicken wings and drumlets, citrus dressing



Marinated Italian green olives on ice


Choice of idaho or sweet potatoes, fried to perfection, with curry mayo and BBQ dip


Truffle grilled prawns, spicy salsa, and a cocktail dressing


Mixed beef and pork meatballs, tomato chili stew, chopped garlic and fried basil


Blue mussels, white wine stock, garden herbs, served with toasted sourdough

Southern Fried Chicken

Fried buttermilk chicken tenders, chilli maple syrup, cocktail pickles

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