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Plum Dome

Cinnamon spice, wine-poached plum jam, vanilla mousse and gingerbread 



Madeline & Cream

Homemade citrus madeline,  fresh cream, chopped pistachios, roasted stone fruit  

Saur Island

Coconut pudding, lime ice, & mango and citrus chunks with mango reduction

Crème brûlée, Ice Cream & Raspberries

Crème brûlée, seasonal ice cream, raspberries, broken biscuit, pistachios, and fresh cream 

Grass Jelly, Red Bean & Taro  

Grass jelly, sweetened red beans, Taiwanese taro dumplings, sweet cream and crisps


Chai crêpe, earl grey ice cream, dried fruit, nuts, and dip

Orange Pound Cake

Orange pound, candied citrus, tea mousse and sage tea

One Tau Huey

Soy bean curd, ginko, lotus, brown sugar, ginger

Barley Tau Suan

Mung bean, fried dough fritters


Deep fried churros, chocolate sauce, cinnamon sugar, strawberries and cream

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