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Broiled octopus, charred bacon salsa, date sauce with lotus crisps


Hummus Trio

Avocado, beetroot, and chickpea hummus with home-made flatbread and seasonal jam

Blistered Peppers

Whole organic piquillo peppers, crunchy rice, shallot herb butter 

Scallion Pancakes  

Homemade Taiwanese pancakes, scallion, sweet sauce, scallion garlic dip


Beer battered fish, marinated onion, pineapple salsa in crispy taco shells

Braised Pork Belly

Traditional 16-hour braised kong bak, duo buns, seasoned greens, szechuan ginger, and garlic chips

Dealing with Dumplings

Shredded duck, sriracha mayo, pork and garlic chives

Beef cheeks

Stout-braised beef cheeks, roasted root vegetables, crackling pork served with fresh buns

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